About Grant Kreinberg

Grant Kreinberg, Solano County Photographer

Solano Photographer

Engineering has been my career; photography has been my passion. I received my first camera when I was twelve and have had one close by ever since.  There are days I head out specifically to photograph a subject, but have also found that some of my best shots are because something caught my eye.  I love the process of having my imagination take shapes, angles and colors and turn them into a piece of art.  I want people to not only enjoy my photography but to take away a bit of wonder from them.

The photos shared with you here are representative of some of my different photographic interests.  I favor nature and the outdoors of Northern California.  I’m always looking for a new road or a new area to explore.  I enjoy seeing a story in an old lock, a bridge truss or a fencepost.  The abstracts are as I see the image in my mind.

I am currently a member of both the Riverfront Art Gallery in Petaluma and the Artist’s Collaborative Gallery in Old Sacramento.  My work has been exhibited in over a dozen galleries throughout Northern California and has been included in the KVIE Public Television auctions.  I have also exhibited in the California State Fair’s Photography and Fine Art Photography exhibits. I am a member and former director of the Sierra Camera Club in Sacramento and the Marin Photography Club. For those that would like to see my work in person, please go to the section titled “Exhibits”.

Please enjoy the offerings by Solano Photography.